Install Windows XP from USB Flash/Pen Drive

You might have installed Vista, Windows 7 from your USB flash drive. But if you want to install

usb-driveWindows  XP from  USB flash drive then you should face some problem because the Windows XP does not have the feature of booting from a USB flash drive. But you can still install windows XP from  USB flash drive. This becomes very useful if your CD/DVD ROM is not working properly.
Tip: Fix USb problems
Update: Create multiboot USB drive to install both Windows XP and Windows 7.
Actually, the installation CD of XP is a bootable cd. When you insert the disk in your CD/DVD ROM then the machine detects that it is a bootable cd and prompts for “Press any key to boot from cd”. By then you can format your hard disk,make partitions in it and over all then you can  install Windows XP also Vista and Windows 7 in your system. The same task you can perform with your USB flash drive. But generally it is not easy to make a bootable USB flash drive for XP. I shall discuss the process in two parts. The first process has been discussed in this post and the second process is discussed in  Install Windows XP From USB Flash Drive Part-II. I refer to follow the Part-II version. Here is the link of Part-II.

How to install Windows XP from USB flash drive Part-I

At first download the softwareWin to Flash . It does not need the installation. After running the setup file the following screen will appear.
From Task tab you can chose your task.
After choosing task press next .
Select the source path of the windows installation disk or copy and then the path of your USB flash drive.
Now the exact bootable copy will be made in the USB Flash drive.
You can now install Windows XP from Flash drive.It is pretty easy method to install Windows XP from your Usb flash drive.If any problem arises then contact us.You can also manually build your USB flash drive enabled for installing XP in it.
But that process is quite complex and so I recommend the process Install Windows XP from USB Flash Drive part-II. Any question or suggestion is always welcome.

Abdul Rahim Panhwar



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