How to Upload pictures / photos in Facebook

Facebook is a world largest social network. Mostly Facebook users upload photos and share with friends.
Now I show you step by step, how you upload your photos in your Facebook profile.
Follow these steps.
Step 1: Login in your Facebook account.(for login click here)
Step 2: After Login, Click  Add Photo/Video at the top of your home page.
Step 3: Click on Create Photo Album as you see in above picture.
Step 4: Now a a windows is open, Select the image files you want to upload. To select multiple photos at once, hold down the Control (Ctrl) button on your Keyboard, or the Command button on your Mac, while clicking the image files.

Step 5: Now your Album start the Photo Uploading in Facebook, While your photos are uploading, 
Write an album title and description. 
Use the audience selector to choose who can see the album (Note: If you tag people, their friends will be able to see the pictures they’re tagged in).
Add captions, tags, and locations to photos as each one finishes uploading
Step 6: Check the progress bar at bottom to see the estimated remaining time for your album upload. When it's complete, click Post Photos.
Congratulation, you successfully upload your photos in Facebook profile, now you can share this album with any one or specific peoples if you want.

If you have any idea or any problem then give comments in following comments form. we respect your comments.

Abdul Rahim Panhwar


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