How To Increase Wi-Fi Signal Strength on Laptop

Today in this blog post “How to use MyPublicWifi” post my blog visitor asks question that gives me suggestions to improve or boost the strength of Wi-Fi signals on Laptop, so I decide that I need to write post on how to increase Wi-Fi signal strength on laptop or my laptop Wi-Fi signals are very poor how to improve it.

Nowadays all Laptop’s Wi-Fi is stronger than smartphone’s Wi-Fi radio. So, you will get better Wi-Fi signal and speed on Laptop. However, if the Wi-Fi network is really very weak, I recommend you to go near to the Wi-Fi network. If you are at the best place, and still not getting good results then follow these tricks and boost Wi-Fi signals. These tricks will surely boost your Wi-Fi Signal on Laptop.

Tip No. 1. Upgrade Your Wi-Fi Router

Recent laptops are using 802.11g or 802.11n Wi-Fi circuitry to efficiently utilize Wi-Fi networks. If your router is an 802.11b device, upgrade it so that it can match the speed of your laptop.

Tip No. 2. Use Wi-Fi Signal Repeater

To add more strength to your Wi-Fi signal, use Wi-Fi repeater (also called wireless amplifier or range expander). It get Wi-Fi signals from Wi-Fi routers and then retransmits it or throw it. Place your Wi-Fi repeater somewhere near the edge of existing signal to make the best use of the device. It will then rebroadcast the signal, covering other areas for the connection.

Tip No. 3. Replace Standard Router Antenna with Omnidirectional

The advantage of Omni antenna is to provide a signal in all direction. The directional signal allows you to target the location where you want to the signal.

Tip No. 4. Install External Wi-Fi Adaptor

Laptops adapters are good but external Wi-Fi adapters are great. If your laptop is old and so you’re not getting better Wi-Fi signal, disable built-in Wi-Fi and installing an external Wi-Fi adapter. External Wi-Fi Adapters have a large antenna and they use up-to-date technologies which can drastically improve Wi-Fi signal for your laptop.

Tip No. 5. Reposition Wi-Fi router

If possible, try to place your router at the center location, prefer a place where thick walls or obstructing furniture can’t congest your signal. Also, avoid placing your router or access point near to any metal surface, electronics that use signals (like Microwave, remote control doors, etc.). They interfere with a signal broadcaster.

Tip No. 6. Disable Network Hogs

Use task manager of any other program to check which apps are running in the background and using a network. Disable unused applications out of it so that your network speed and laptop’s performance both can be the boost.

Abdul Rahim Panhwar


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